Wine is an alchoholic drink made from fermented red or white grapes

In Literature

Wine in literature often connotes happiness and friendship. It is also a symbol of transformation, as grapes undergo transformation when they are fermented. Because of its importance in the Near East, wine may also symbolize sustinance and life. Wine can also be a symbol of loss of self-control, as individuals can become drunk with drinking too much wine. However, if a character drinks wine in literature and does not become drunk, the wine can be a symbol of self-control if linked to that character. White wine can connote purity.

In the Bible

At the Wedding at Cana, Jesus transformed water into wine for the guests at the wedding. Because of its connection to Jesus, wine can connote purity, and link a character who drinks wine to a holy figure. The most important meaning of wine in literature is its connection to Jesus, God the Son.

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