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Water is often used to symbolize things in literature. Water is a universal symbol of change and is often present at turning points in a story. Since water is often a sign of life, many times water represents life.  Likewise, water can also represent death (such as dark murky waters). Water can also be up into two categories: fresh water and bad/polluted water. Fresh water can represent good health, and bad water symbolizes bad health. Water can also mean purity and cleansing. It also represents thirst, since people drink water to quench their thirst. 

Rivers Edit

Lazy falls

A stream.

Rivers have waters.

The river is a sign of ease, grace and fluidity; as expressed by its meandering form. Often times it is used to represent the calm beauty of nature. Certain types of rivers are often described as auspicious and healthy.

A fast-flowing river can often be used to symbolize strength, power, sometimes calamity. Calamity can be represented through a disaster, such as the river flooding a nearby town or village.

A slow-flowing river can often be used to symbolize weakness, or sometimes being steady and calm.

It also symbolizes that it will last forever, and will never stop.

The Ocean  Edit

The Ocean is a sign of power and strength, dominating all other symbols of water--due to its immensity. All life was ocean-born and life still exists in the ocean; therefore the ocean represents life. Also, the ocean represents mystery. The ocean is known for being unpredictable and uncontrolable, hard to navigate in time of storm and sometimes known for being beautifully calm; always at it's own will or Neptune's (Roman god of the sea). Sometimes, the ocean is referred to as being a tear of God or the sorrow; a place where you leave your bad memories and sadness.The ocean is also known to symbolize hope, truth, and in some cases, mystery and magic. The ocean's salt can also symbolize being well grounded, or stabilized.

ReferencesEdit The Four Classical Elements

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