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Water is the flowing element. It is one of the four main elements. ( It symbolizes purity, healing, and cleansing. It is a very feminine element. Water's color is pretty much all the varying shades of blue.

Trees aren't butt plugs.. (anything is if you're courageous enough)

Burn Notice is the best show ever, and often features water.

I once heard a thing that fish poop in the lakes and oceans. Therefore wat

Alice in wonderland Edit

Lazy falls

A stream.

Water is a magical mystical fire

Edith screamed Alice Alice! god where is that foolish girl at that exact moment Alice's potato head protruded from behind a shady tree closely followed by her trusty cat Steve Steve the cat Edith was in pure awe of Steve's pure Swagger. With a swagger this unassailable, Steve Steve the cat was able to conquer all worlds and claim dominion over all things; through all the times and through all the space. Steve Steve the cat had became a God. The Four Classical Elements

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