The tulip originated as a Persian wildflower in the 1500s. They were extensively cultivated at that time. Since then, the tulip has become a symbol for many different things. Each different color tulip can have a different meaning.


A field full of tulips.

Persians use the tulip as an offering a young man makes to his beloved.


What the tulip says in the Language of Flowers is, "As the redness of this flower, I am on fire with love."



Red tulip-2529

"As the redness of this flower, I am on fire with love."

Red tulips symbolize belief and declaration of love. This love is irresistible.


Variegated tulips symbolize beautiful eyes.


Yellow tulips are the colour of friendship. Showing true compassion and concern for others.


An orange tulip is a symbol of perfect love.


A white tulip is often used to apologize.


Pink tulips represent the need for innocence in the world and the long path a girl takes to become a young woman.

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