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The Sigil of Lucifer, the symbol of Satan.

A sigil is a magical symbol, a symbol believed to hold connections to a greater supernatural power. Sigils are often related to Religion.


A post Christian misconception joins Lucifer 'Light Bringer' or 'Light Bearer' with Satan or the 'Material world'; There are two main forms of modern religion Satanism -- One is an atheistic religion founded by Anton Lavey, and is also referred to as Atheistic Satanism or LaVeyan Satanism. They do not belive in Satan but see him as a metaphor for qualities the majority wish to opress. The other kind is Theistic Satanism, also known as Spiritual Satanism, in which people believe in and worship Satan as a god. This symbol dates back to the 1400s, but has always been associated with Lucifer. According to contemporary Christianity, Lucifer was a fallen angel of God who was cast down from heaven for challenging God, both in power and challenging God's views of the expecting worship. Lucifer took pride in his power, which was the 7th and deadliest of all the sins, and when questioning God, was damned for eternity in Hell. This version of the story is an interpretation of an allegory found in Isaiah 14:12-15.

The first appearance of this sigil was in Italy, while it was still many city-state tribes of Italy that spawned from the Latin-speaking Roman Empire, before they unified back into the country of Italy in the 1800s. This sigil appeared in a book called the Grimoirium Verum, which means the "Grimoire of Truth"


  • The official symbol of the Church of Satan is the "Sigil of Baphomet" which represents not Satan but the deity Baphomet, a winged female being with the head of a goat and a pentacle on her forehead, the true "devil"
  • The Sigil of Lucifer actually fits perfectly with the Logo for "Google Play"
  • This is considerably one of the least known symbols of Satan, despite being the symbol of Satan himself.

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