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This page is intended to assist in navigation to related wiki.

List of Related Wikis and Descriptions Edit

  • Literawiki
    • OpeningThe Literature Wikia is for information on authors, books, poetry, novels, movies into books, and anything that has to do with literature!Closing
-from W:Literature
  • Poetry Wikia
    • OpeningThe poetry Wikia is for poetry and prose, both fiction and non-fiction, and for the discussion of poetry and also prose.Closing
-from W:Poetry
  • Novelas
    • OpeningThe Fiction Wikia, also known as Novelas, is a wiki where you can share your stories with other writers, script-makers, and world-creators in our community!Closing
-from W:Fiction

Wikipedia Articles Edit

Wikipedia also has articles relating to symbolism and representation.

Other Web Sites Edit

These are not wiki, but have information that may be useful here.

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