Much of the symbolism used in literature and within traditional magical and philosophical systems derive from a time when we as humans had a very flawed view of reality, especially the cosmos and our relationship to it.  Yet however flawed the underlying understanding, these symbolic archetypes  still resonate with us and feel meaningful.

I believe it is necessary for us to integrate new scientific knowledge into our new developing symbolic understanding.

We should keep those elements of symbolism that speak to us on a deep emotional or spiritual level, but also let our new knowlege inform new definitions and symbolic archetypes.

We should also examine what it is about symbolism that we find useful and indeed comforting.

I would like to explore one concept derived from our understanding of physics and astronomy and apply this concept to a symbolic archetype and to a symbolic theory.

The concept; Science tells us that all the basic building blocks of reality the elements were formed withing exploding stars of galaxys, super-novae etc. So in a very real sense, we are indeed "stardust".

Symbolic Theory Astrolagers believe that the apparent position of stars planets and other bodies in the sky at the time of someones birth can have an impact on their life and therefore ascribe symbolic meaning to planets and star constellations. Science can not support this view, we cannot prove any causal link between positional movement of our planet in relation to human destiny.

But we can now say with certainty that we are all in a very real sense carrying within us the hearts and bodies of stars, not just symbolically linked but atomically linked.We do have a relationship with the stars that is real because without them we would not exist. How can we use this new understanding to develop the symbolism of astrology to incorporate the truth.

Symbolic Archetype: The Moon, this is now one of the best understood bodies in our solar system; man has walked upon it and removed samples, we can track its phases to the second, we have seen the dark side. we have  even left objects upon it.

Yet the symbolic meaning of the moon only evolves and grows because, we have scientific proof that many plants thrive when planted in accordance with the moon phase, we know that tides are directly linked to the influence of the moon.

Consequently moon energy can still be linked to growth, and can be associated with female cycles the tides and the seasons but also strongly linked with emerging knowlege, deeper understanding, solving mysteries, drawing aside the veil etc. 

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