Hourglass - Passage of Time

Change has positive and negative aspects. Is change viewed as good -- progress? Or is staying the same good -- stability? Symbols often show not only a concept, such as change, but also the attitude toward that concept. Does the user of the term see Progress or Stability as a good thing? Is change good or harmful? The choice of words and symbols is often a good clue, although some symbols and terms are relatively neutral.
Comparing the good and bad aspects of changing or remaining the same -- expressed by different terms.
Change? Different or New Consistent or Same
Positive progress, growth, improvement, development
plant growth
stability, reliability, safety consistency
the Rock of Gibraltar
Negative instability, inconsistency
flash floods
stagnation, dull
Either change
river, flowing water, fire, hourglass
IMG 0657

rock of Gibraltar

The symbols used can reinforce the sense that the world is full of chaos (too much change) or is on a path to a better world (improvements). Change over time can be represented by the passage of seasons, the state of a building -- is it being built, well maintained or falling apart? or the growth of a plant -- a seedling, swaying tree, solid shade tree or rotting log?


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