A Pig is known as Chinese Zodiac animal but the pig often symbolised through phrases and insults such as the word pig is used a insult towards police officers and chauvinistic men.

Pigs are associated with luck due to sailors believing that pigs are bad luck to bring on a ship, Pigs are also associated with greed and the symbiotic animal of the deadly sin of Gluttony in Christian beliefs. Pigs are often used to describe selfishness for example the phrase "To behave like a pig in a raspberry orchard" is used in finland to describe  greedy, immodest, uncontrollable and irresponsible behaviour.

Pigs have been used by feminists to insult men for sexism and perversion. Pigs are also part of the phrase "pig on the knee safe at sea, cock on the right good in a fight".

Pigs have also been used in the horror genre for unknown reasons such as Farmer Vincent from Motel Hell, Piggsy from Manhunt, Pigman from Lakeview Cabin 4 and Pigskin from Spinespur who were all serial killers who wore the severed heads of pigs while hunting their victims with a chainsaw. This can be interpreted as a form of psychopathic vision of the world, as psychologists have regarded psychopaths as "a cat among mice" or in this case a butcher with cattle meaning that since pigs are bred to be turned into food or killed then a killer who has a pig motif is a representative of vengeance or revolution.

Pigs are also used as a representation of overindulgence, in videogames pigs are associated with people who have violent cravings. For example Martin Brown from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is a protagonist whose mask is a pig, his story is about Martin using his "Pig Butcher" character as an outlet for his violent cravings but he begins to lose his mind due to his overindulgence of murder and begins to have trouble with differentiating fantasy and reality and starts believing that he's in a dream. Another example includes Manhunt which involves a serial killer and snuff film star Piggsy who wears a severed head of a pig. In Grand Theft Auto Online there is an achievement called War Pig which requires you to participate in Rockstar created Deathmatches. The achievement name comes from the Black Sabbath song "War Pigs" which was an anti-war song about the governments callousness for sending poor people to fight in wars.