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  • This is a list of birds that are symbolic. I tried to be as accurate as possible with these information.
  • Dove - symbolizes peace
  • Raven - symbolizes death
  • Eagle - symbolizes the USA
  • Swan - symbolizes gracefulness
  • Hummingbird - symbolizes boredom
  • Chicken - symbolizes cowardice
  • Robin - symbolizes theft
  • Pigeon - symbolizes loyalty
  • Flamingo - symbolizes passion
  • Hawk - symbolizes incredible strength
  • Peacock - symbolizes pride
  • Falcon - symbolizes freedom
  • Swallow - symbolizes birth control
  • Oriental Magpie Robin - symbolizes theft of the oriental magpie
  • Nightingale - symbolizes a good singer
  • Cuckoo - symbolises deception

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