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Ivy and vines represent fidelity, wedded love and friendship. Also, a sprig of ivy of white tendrils means that one is anxious to please, and symbolizes affection.

Ivy is an evergreen, and by this connection stands for eternity and life, for immortality. It also may represent dependence and attachment, which can be seen in the way it climbs trees and buildings to get sunlight. The ivy leaf is also phallic, depicting the male trinity, but it can also be a female symbol denoting a force in need of protection. Conversely, however, its malevolent, poison feature can cause it to be seen often as ingratitude.

Yinyang This article is a stub. Please help Symbolism Wiki by expanding it.In urdu literature,however,ivy vines can be seen as parasites.They are also related to obsession in love .

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