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SydneyGreen.a Symbol of Good Stable Solid Power. It symbolizes Earth, Stability, physical energy, masculine power, bold, happiness, basic needs, and originality. Green is Strong, Hard Working, Practical, Determined, Energetic, and Independent. Green as a Solid Pure Color, is Hard Looking and Dominant. It is the Dominant Color in nature.

Green symbolizes the season Spring. Full of vitality and energy. Gives a strong energy to someone and take action. If someone is learning something new, he is "green." Someone who can make things grow has a "green thumb."

Green in the other hand, could Look Hard and Mean(Reference to Marvel's Strong Hulk). Green gives off Germ and Dirty Symbols.

Green Symbolises Solid Earth and Masculinity in Mexico.

Green Originally was a Stop Light In Certain Places.

Green is the color the human eye is most attracted to.

Green is the only color that symbolizes a Holiday(Saint Patrick's Day) on it's Own.

Green is associated with Good Health & Vitality.

Green is also associated with Good Power and Good Luck. The Irish believe "the wearing of the green" brings fortune.

In ancient China Green was the colour connected to the element of Earth Wood, and through that to the direction South and the season Spring.

Green is also the color of Good

Different shades of greenEdit

Yellow-green can indicate sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy. 

Turquoise is associated with emotional healing and protection. 

Bluegreen, evocative of caution, supervision and relaxed dignity. 

Olive, also signifies peace. 

Dark, sometimes pale, green is associated with money, the financial world, banking, and the U.S. stock market world on Wall Street, but also ambition, avarice, and envy.

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