The eye is one of the most potent and universal symbols on Earth. In ancient Egypt it represented the All-Seeing Horus, the Sun, while in modern times it is considered a "window to the soul." The eyes of drug-users are often called "saucers" or "black-holes" because of their dilated pupils and apparent absent-mindedness (marijuana does not cause this, however psychedelics such as LSD, magic mushrooms and MDMA do, as do cocaine and other stimulants, among other drugs). Hardly a century ago, though, this was a sign of beauty and many women used herbs of the nightshade family to induce this pupil-dilation - at great risk to their hearts.

The idea of the "evil-eye" is far older than many realize, and in fact dates to Sumerian times when women first began to wear the earliest mascara, which contained herbs as well as various metals designed to prevent and/or treat eye infections. While this writer is unaware of whether men wore mascara in Sumer, they certainly did in Egypt (though this may have been for aesthetic reasons).

The structure of the eye and socket themselves are also very significant, as together they constitute the vesica piscis (Latin, literally "fish-bladder"). This form is also seen in the human mouth during speech as well as female genitalia. Jesus Christ is often seen standing in the Vesica Piscis, perhaps symbolic of his virginal mother and her correspondence with the pure procreative nature of Nature herself.

The eye represents inner wisdom and truth. Yinyang This article is a stub. Please help Symbolism Wiki by expanding it.

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