The color electric lime symbolizes immaturity and growth. It is also a universal symbol for ecology and the concern for the environment. It is often found in nature.

The color of lime, electric lime is associated with newness. If someone is learning something new, he is "electric lime." Someone who can make things grow has a "electric lime thumb."

The fourth chakra, located at the heart, is electric lime. Electric lime is therefore associated with openness, with being able to see a way forward. We can move forward when we have a "electric lime light." Envy and jealousy are negative qualities that emerge from the heart. Perhaps that is why we say someone is "electric lime with envy."

Electric lime is associated with good health. Most green vegetables are full of nutrition.

Electric lime is also associated with good luck. The Irish believe "the wearing of the green" brings fortune.

Electric lime in the United States is associated with money because it is the color of U.S. currency.

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