The Deer dwells in the forest and plains, along with other deer. As thoughts of deer come to our minds, its a sign that the deer wants us to 'seek' into our inner heart and find our treasures.

There are many ways to interpret the deer:

Choose if you are either a Male(boy) or a Female(girl),

read under your gender's personality of the Deer carefully:

Male (Buck) Female (Doe)
Strength Gentle
Bold Caring
Leadership Mothering
Skillfull Intelligent



The difference between a male and a female is that the male deer has horns/antlers on their heads, but the female does not.

A deer family

A Deer Family: Left-a buck, middle-a Doe, right-Fawn/Child

Symbolics of the Deer:

The chart above (the male and female one) is only if you were thinking about the gender symbols of the Deer, but for finding either of them, here is for all of the deer-

  • Gracefulness
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Beauty
  • Swiftness
  • Family
  • A Gift from Nature

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