Cougars have very similar names to the Mountain Lion and Puma, because of this, people caught confusion in their minds about it. Many people replies that the 3 three names of that cat-creature are the same.

Cougars are swift and perfectly balanced, becuase of this, they live both in the Forest and Mountains.

As Cougars successfully jumps and leaps to rock per rock, this also means that they completed through life- The rocks stands for problem/conflict, and as the Cougar leaps on it, it jumps on another rock, that pattern stands for that the Cougar leaves their problems and past behind and continue on leaping, for this; it's being a person full of Courage to let everything go.

Symbolics of the Cougar:

  • Speed
  • Swift
  • Balance
  • Firm with decisions
  • Wild
  • Beauty of Nature
  • Courage
  • Believe

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