Captian Ahab- The determined, and resolved Captain of the Peqoud who has been both mentally and phyisically scarred by his profession. His adoption of a whale jaw bone leg is symbollic of his replacing of his natural self with his profession. He dresses in black proper clothes, common of 1800's sea Captains, which creates an ironic blend, as black is typically a foreshadowing of evil, when in reality his is the true tragic hero of the novel. His greatest foe, Moby Dick, is an albino whale which symbolizes innocence of nature. Moby Dick however is only innocent in the sense that he is a whale and cannot comprehend the destructive power he beholds. Towards the end of the novel Ahab's claims of the Moby Dick being an actual source of evil for man look more and more true, as Moby Dick becomes more and more intelligently violent, going so far as to chase the Peqoud. Ahab's most symbollic moments are in fact when he speaks to his crew and addresses them, as he speaks in a grandiose Shakspearian manner. Ahab's very own spear was tempered in the blood of his crew, to symbolize that he was striking with not only his rage, but man's unity.Also when the black birds are circling the boat on their journey, the one dives down and takes away Ahab's hat, which he calls a prize. This in itself can be a symbol foreshadowing doom for the crew and epecially Ahab, as he tries to fight against the force of nature to satisfy his revenge.

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