...general symbolism...

Black candles are associated with many things. Goth is one.


Candles are probably the most versatile and symbolic tool for magick. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of colors to help with all your magickal needs; all you have to do is pick the right combination of colors.

A simple candle spell consists of nothing other than "dressing" the candle with the four elements and purging it of negativity; anointing it with appropriate oils, symbols, and/or spices that symbolize or enhance the need; and burning the candle while releasing energy. Simple rituals and spells come alive with candles, and choosing the right colors for your needs can be very important. Refer to the article on colored candles and magick to see what the other colors symbolize.

  • Black candles can be used for banishing, crone magick, mourning, loss, meditation, abstinence, feminine divine, masculine divine, power, stopping bad rumors, stopping others from interfering with you, and guarding secrets.


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