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In many cases, black is used to supid bad people, mystery, or secrecy. The color black is in manfuckers fuckers fuckers

In Asia, black is usually the neutral color, much like gray is in the west, while elsewhere it can range in all portions of the moral spectrum. In Chinese opera, black is a heroic color.

Death and Mourning Edit

To mourn the loss of a loved one, people in the Western society often wear black to a person's funeral. Black contrasts with several Asian cultures wearing white to funerals, or African cultures using red. Lavender is a color used for mourning a hated one.

Fertility and LifeEdit

Due to the dark colour of fertile soils, black is often the colour of life. Such as in Ancient Egypt and Japan, opposing white as the colour of death. In modern day Africa, black frequently still symbolizes fertile rainy clouds.

Death and InactivityEdit

Black represents the aspect of Death.  Black may also symbolize inactivity as it has every color ever (no color), not permanently set to be one thing yet, something that could change to another.

Heaven Edit

Black is considered the colour of the sky in China, observed without sunlight. As part of the symbolism embodied within official attires of persons of dignity, black is often used for robes that cover the upper body, and likewise yellow for the lower body, as it represents earth. In the Chou Dynasty (1122 ~ 256 B.C.E.), the black upper robe is paired with a red skirt that covers the lower body, for the king; other lords had robes of the same colour, but tangerine-colored skirts. Yep

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