Bastet (originally known as Bast) is the cat goddess of warfare or ferocity. She has a human body with a cat head. Often times, she will take the form of a pure black cat. She is also often shown holding an Egyptian ankh.


Her connection to cats signifies her gracefulness, playfulness, and her ferocity as well. Cats are also connected with immortality (9 lives) and darkness. Especially since she takes the form of a black cat, Bastet can also be connected with darkness. Cats are associated with females, as Bastet is female. Bastet also symbolizes life, as she bears an ankh, which is the Egyptian symbol for life. If a character is ascociated with Bastet, they may be sly, clever, cunning, graceful, or possibly even evil, immortal, or skilled in magic. They may also be solitary and independent.


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